Another Day, Another Social Media Fad- This is not the way to raise awareness

I don’t know how all of you guys woke up yesterday but my wake up call happened to be a facebook message, which isn’t unusual, but this one was clearly another chain message. I have had so many in the last couple of months that I am used to being told ‘send this one because these people are hackers’ ‘send this on for good luck’ ‘tomorrow facebook is going to have all of your details, BEWARE’ and quite frankly Continue reading


World Mental Health Awareness Day

Throughout our lives I am pretty sure that at some point each of us will find moments where we feel low, anxious, in despair. Hopefully for most of you these feelings will disperse and, once the situation that has made you feel this way has been resolved, you will return to your normal self. But what if these feelings just Continue reading

Top tips for keeping cool during a heat wave

So the summer is finally upon us and in typical British weather fashion it has gone from one extreme to another. We have just seen the wettest June and now we are in over 30 degree heat which is most definitely a shock to the system!

I have hunted the internet to help provide you with the best top tips in keeping ourselves cool during this very hot time. Continue reading