Another Day, Another Social Media Fad- This is not the way to raise awareness

I don’t know how all of you guys woke up yesterday but my wake up call happened to be a facebook message, which isn’t unusual, but this one was clearly another chain message. I have had so many in the last couple of months that I am used to being told ‘send this one because these people are hackers’ ‘send this on for good luck’ ‘tomorrow facebook is going to have all of your details, BEWARE’ and quite frankly Continue reading


The Battle of Fitting Children’s Clothes

I don’t know about you but I am pretty fed up with trying to shop for clothes for my son. At almost three we have had the same issue since he was about 7 months old; clothes just never seem to come up right. When he was newborn he fed really well and had the typical baby podge. He would fill out most of his clothes and as they came in 3-month stages I found it very easy to choose a selection to fit. As he began to Continue reading

Fireworks Noise: Have We All Had Enough?

Have you had enough of the torrent of bangs so far this year? I certainly have. I remember when Bonfire night used to be just that, one night. Over the last two years, I have noticed an increase in a number of fireworks not only being use on November 5th but beginning in October and going off most nights until mid-January! With fireworks being sold in the doorway of your local supermarket and the competitive prices also being placed Continue reading

Dear Olivia ‘I’m not a trophy hunter’ Opre…

Dear Olivia ‘I’m not a trophy hunter’ Opre,

I have just finished watching you on ‘This Morning’ and have just about finished drying my eyes. I am not easily brought to tears but witnessing the fact that there are actually people in this world who hold the same views as yourself I was left feeling devastated, disgusted, appalled, bewildered and mortified. Maybe I have been naive, maybe Continue reading